10 days to a better body and better health?  

Too good to be true?     

Welcome to the concept of LOW GLYCEMIC eating.  If you are ready to make a change in your body, your health and your energy, take a look at this simple concept that could change your life!

Dr. Melissa Millner will be personally coaching you through a 10 day, online program to help you achieve the health, body and energy you want.  




During this course you will learn to keep your blood sugar within the fat burning glucagon zone. It is only when you have optimal glucagon levels that your body will begin to effortlessly release fat.  And no matter what your current state of health or weight, you still have glucagon in you somewhere and this program is designed to re-ignite that fat burning hormone - even in those of you who have "tried everything and nothing works".  I have proof from the past 2 years of classes!

Healthy For Life program with the Trinity Health Weight Loss


"Diet programs" tell you what to eat, but when you're done with the diet the pounds return.  This is NOT a "diet program".

Our clients report:

·  Weight loss

·  More Energy

·  Smaller waist sizes

·  Better blood sugar control

·  Lower triglycerides

·  Improve cholesterol levels

·  Improve insulin sensitivity

·  Lower blood pressure

You will be educated in the privacy and convenience of your home with this special 10-day jump start Trinity Health online study course. Log on once a day for 15-minutes of video based interactive training.                                  

For a very limited time when you order one Jump Start you get two additional Jump Start memberships for FREE for a total cost of only $21.

Research shows that lifestyle changes are best made with a friend or support group. Now you can bring that advantage to your 10-day Jump Start by inviting 2 friends or family members to join you for free!

(Or ask them to split the cost with you...only $7 each that way or $21 total!)

Do You Want to Learn More?

To learn more, watch the program overview video at www.Millner.TrinityHealthWeightLoss.com

Then click on “10 day jumpstart”