Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

     Yes we do accept insurance, we are an in-network provider for UCARE, Cigna, United Health Care, Medica, Health Partners, Preferred One, Aetna and BCBS.  We feel it is important that you get the care you need and not let the insurance dictate the care you get. Many insurances still contribute a portion to your care. Let us call to find out your coverage.

Does it hurt?

     A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle force on the spinal bones and generally does not hurt. There can be discomfort after the first adjustment as the bones have been "stuck" and are now being moved. Most people notice an increase in movement. If there is any discomfort, it is similar to the feeling of a workout. Some of the muscles have not been used in awhile.   

What technique do the Doctor's use?

     Manual-hands on


     Thompson Drop

     Webster Breech Turning


Can children get adjusted? Why?

     Yes! It is very beneficial for children to be adjusted. Correcting subluxations in children prevents the many problems that adults come in for. Many children get their first subluxation during the birth process. To name a few of the things that children come in for are: ear infections, colic, acid reflux, seizures, bed wetting, allergies, headaches, ADHD, ADD, general health and well being.

What do I wear?

     You can wear whatever you normally wear.

If it is your first visit we have gowns and shorts available for you.

What does it cost?

     The consultation is always complimentary.

Scans and Spinal exams are $60

Spinal x-rays are $99

Adjustments are $45

We have many payment plan options for individuals and families available depending on the level of care that is recommended for you and and your family.

How long will it take?

     Your first visit will take about 45 minutes, we appreciate your time. You will first meet with the Doctor to discuss what brought you in. The next step is scans, exams, and x-rays if needed. There are short forms to fill out prior to coming in, these can be downloaded and done in advance to save time.

Do you do anything other than chiropractic?

     We offer nutritional counseling

     Cranial Sacral Therapy

     Foot scans - for foot levelers inserts

     Bioimpedence Analysis - for cellular health, metabolism potential,   hydration.

     The Doctors are available for public speaking on a variety of health and wellness subjects.

     We have an excellent staff who are here to help you achieve your wellness goals through education, encouragement, nuturing words, and much laughter!!

Come in and see for yourself!!