Patient of the Month-

Our Patient of the Month is Amanda! 

The reason for the initial visit:

Amanda came to us as a last resort. She had been suffering with migraines for 15 years with the frequency of the migraines being up to several times a week. She had tried everything else to help with the pain with minimal and only temporary results. She was hoping to find a way to "control" her pain.
Amanda has been getting adjusted for 3 months now and has had tremendous changes. Her 'regular" headaches have went down considerably in frequency and intensity. She has only had one migraine since her first adjustment. She is understandably thrilled with her results.
Amanda's spine was extremely stuck in her neck and upper back, and those vertebrae were putting pressure on her nerves. This nerve pressure was the cause of her pain. With specific adjustments we were able to get her spine moving and her body instinctively started to heal.
Always be determined to find the cause of your health issues. We are very happy that Amanda's quality of life is improved.