Public Speaking

The doctors are available for speaking at your group event, gathering, or even for an intimate talk at your home with a few close friends you care about. Check the list below to find topics of interest or call our office to see if we can speak on other topics that would interest your group. It is our mission to help as many people as possible reach optimum health and vitality. We speak as a courtesy in order to fulfill our mission of teaching the community how to be healthier.

Physical Stress
Obviously we realize that physical stress can cause us pain, but did you also know it may cause high blood pressure, allergies, colic, infections, and digestive problems just to name a few? Find out how everyday activities are affecting you and your family's TOTAL health. Be pain free and so much more.

Mental And Emotional Stress
How does our emotional state possibly affect our health? More than you could ever imagine. Find out how and what you can do to change it for a more positive health future. Whether it's stress at work or with your family, a death in the family, anxiety, or depression, learn how to break free!

Chemical/Organic Stress
This workshop helps individuals understand what environmental factors may be contributing to a decreased level of health for themselves and their families. We will teach you how chemicals can make a substantial difference in our body's ability to exhibit full health and how to avoid those chemicals for a better future health.

Chemical, Physical and Emotional Stress—How To Get A Grip!
These types of stresses take you away from experiencing full health and vitality. Learn how to decrease stress easily and create a more energetic future!

Nutrition For Healthy Development
Most people realize how important nutrition is for brain and body development, but where do you's all so overwhelming...or is it?

Health Mastery
The title speaks for itself. How do you master your health? Ultimately, YOU are in control and the choices you make today affect your health for tomorrow. Find out how you can ensure a healthier future filled with vitality!

Crohn's, Irritable Bowel and Colitis

Most are told these illnesses are permanent and the only thing available to help them is to take medication to mask the symptoms or have surgery to try to eliminate some symptoms. Natural approaches are extremely effective if you are aware of what to do and how. Learn what you can do to take charge: and not need to rely on medications that may cause more health problems down the road.

Many people battle fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and many others that can all be related to a similar cause. If you could FIX the cause instead of just covering up the symptoms with medications, would you be interested? Then this is the workshop for you!

If you or someone you know is battling with infertility. This workshop is a must! Studies are coming out left and right about the benefits of chiropractic and opening up and reviving the function of our reproductive systems. Because of the intimate connections to the spine, chiropractic may indeed help you become pregnant at a fraction of the cost of fertility drugs and treatment (without the side effects). Call us for more information.

Health Development
When was the last time a Doctor put you on a health development program? How effective was it? What were the results? Chances are no one has, we just continue to treat our health by putting out the fires as they arise. We need to realize that WE are in control of developing the kind of health we desire. What kind of quality of life are you looking for as you age? Have you thought about it? That's what this workshop is all about!

Preventing and Detecting Scoliosis—How You Play and Integral Role!
Most people think the time you look for scoliosis is in middle school. By that time it's too late. Learn what you can do to detect early signs, just by observation!

Nutrition Builds a Healthy Body
Teaching children healthy eating habits early is worth it's weight in gold for their future learning ability, body development and human performance.

Backpack Safety
65.7% report fatigue and 46.1% of kids report pain caused by their backpack . Let's pack them better, so we don't create spinal problems, scoliosis and fatigue!

How Does My Body Heal?
Most kids are extremely interested in their bodies. We've found this topic to be a great hit for kids of all ages.


How to Raise a Healthy Child
Simple steps, but not all parents know what they can do to create the healthiest future possible for their child. Learn the steps to take charge and create the life of your dreams!

ADD/ADHD—The Information You Need to Make the Best Decision

The drugs given to control ADHD are in the same class of drugs as cocaine. Most families are uncomfortable giving them, but don't know other alternatives. This is your opportunity to learn and change the future for the better.

Bedwetting and Bladder Control

Have you been everywhere, done and tried everything? This is the workshop that will change your child's life. Bedwetting is not only a physical problem, but can cause emotional stress as well. Come learn how to fix the problem and help create stronger self esteem. This class can be geared towards children or adults with bladder problems.

Ear Infections—Natural Cause, Natural Solutions

Too many sleepless nights? Too much pain? Too many antibiotics? Try these natural remedies!

Vaccination—The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices

Vaccination is a very sensitive issue, but parents need to know the risks, the benefits and their choices to assure the safest future possible for their children. No shots, No school is a lie. Come find out why.