Services Offered
Chiropractic Care
We have three different forms of adjustments:
  • Hands on, manual adjustments
  • Instrument adjustments with activator and integrator
  • Specialized table adjustments
There are also three different types of care offered:
  • Relief Care- Many patients consult our office because they have an ache or a pain.  Their goal?  Relief. 
  • Corrective Care- Many patients come in for the recommend period of time given by the doctor
  • Wellness Care- Getting an adjustment regularly is beneficial to your overall health.  We provide wellness care plans for you and your family so it is most affordable for you.  Some choose to come in for an adjustment 1 time per week and others 1 time per month.  The doctors will give you advice as to what would be most beneficial for you.
We offer supplements to support your well-being. 
The Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis estimates body composition, and in particular, body fat.
Foot Levelers
Have your feet precisely measured with our infrared foot scanner.  Select from over 25 different styles of inserts!